SimBin Studios UK – The 2019 GTR3 Teaser Screen

GTR3 2019

SimBin Studios UK – The 2019 GTR3 Teaser Screen

Back in February 2017, SimBin Studios UK announced the relaunch of the famous GTR series and iconically named the upcoming title GTR3. The new game for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would be powered by the popular Unreal 4 game engine. Back then, Producer Allan Speed stated that GTR3 was scheduled for release in 2018 and that a first playable version of the game should be available six months later.


In a later communication, SimBin Studios UK stated they were confident that the GTR3 title would be ready for (Early Acces?) release by the second quarter of 2019.

Then it all went quiet. Now once again as been seen in the previous last two years, SimBin Studios UK announced that they would attend the Gamescom event in Germany to discuss the future of the game with various partners.

Today, an interesting Tweet appeared stating that the Release date of GTR3 will be confirmed when their discussions are finalized. The Tweet was accompanied by a screenshot showcasing a Porsche GT3R during a night race. As usual, no further details or announcements have been shared, so your guess is as good as ours.


As usual, we will keep you posted when more news or media become available. Let’s just hope we will not have to wait until next years Gamescom.

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