SimBin Licensed the Aquila CR1 Sports GT.




SimBin Licensed the Aquila CR1 Sports GT

It has already appeared on a bug screen in our post “a call for beta testers”, and some sharp eyes already spotted the car.
But now we are ready to announce this car in a more official way!

SimBin Sudios is happy to announce a license deal with Aquila Racing
cars for their Sports GT car the Aquila CR1.
And it seems that SimBin and Aquila have a lot in common….

Aquila is a Danish racecar manufacturer. It is sharing the same birthyear as SimBin as they also started thir adventure in 2003. It may be young, but they have years of experience on them. And like us, they are creating products out of pure love for the sports…

They started out by building a revolutionary Formula Ford and by that delivery they set a new benchmark for the competition to match. Like we did we released GTR, it came with a bang!

The Aquila CR1 is now their prancing horse, and is mainly referred to as the Aquila.
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With its mean looks and big V8 its not just a proper track day car, its a serious racing machine! And in the not so far future you will be able to drive this car in our new project!