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Live For Speed
The LFS development team has released Patch 0.6G for their Live for Speed Simulator.Read More

The Live for Speed team released test patch 0.6F8 for the LFS Simulator featuring a host of fixes and improvements, while focus is aimed at the Oculus Rift DK2 support.Read More

GamerMuscle Oculus Rift
GamerMuscle continues his Oculus Rift DK2 tests using the Live for Speed driving simulators. This time he takes the LFS BMW Sauber F1 car out on the South City track.Read More
Live for Speed Oculus Rift DK2
In July GamerMuscle posted an interesting video questioning if the Live for Speed Simulator was still alive after a few slow years of development. So now GamerMuscle took his test one step further using his DK2 Virtual Reality goggles.Read More
Live For Speed GamerMuscle
Those of you who have been Sim Racing for a few years will undoubtably be familiar with Live for Speed. GamerMuscle checks out the latest build.Read More
LFS Westhill
After releasing test patch 0.6E16n the LFS team now released the official Update Patch 0.6F for Live For Speed S2.Read More
Live For Speed
After a long wait, Lead programmer Scawen has released a new live for speed test patch. This 0.6E16 LFS patch features a bunch of new features.Read More
Pablo Lopez having fun with LFS, in memory of MKTT, the first Simracing Team he had. Its not active anymore, but Pablo seems to have good memories regarding the Team. This is the tribute... Read More
Live for Speed have released a new version of LFS with a much improved multiplayer system. While using the same physics as 0.6B, it provides a much smoother, more reliable and interactive online experience. Read More
Live for speed new TEST PATCH V0.6B8 is released. Read More
Avid Simracer Pablo Lopez is testing iHud by MightyGate. After having versions for iRacing and rFactor 1 & 2 this time the IOS app is used for Live for Speed . [LFS] Read More