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Sim Racing Garage reviews the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals

Sim Racing Garage Arc_Team Carbon Pedals review

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage takes us on a detailed review tour of the high-end ARC_Team Carbon Pedals. A good Sim Racing pedal can be the best investment to make when it comes to being competitive on a high level. As with all thing this come with a price. Barry explains us why these prices can be very relative, by performing an in-depth review of the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals.

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Gamer Muscle talks ThrustMaster T500 RS

Thrustmaster T500 RS

Its time for a new Gamer Muscle video. This time he takes a look at the Thrustmaster T500 RS force feedback wheel. Gamer Muscle talks about the workings and details of the wheel, while driving a few laps in Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni.

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Game Stock Car 2013 – Formula Extreme in development

Reiza Studios Formula Extreme

After Reiza Studios announced that the Formula V12 will be coming to the Game Stock Car 2013 v1.15 Update, they surprise us once more by revealing the Formula Extreme. The car is now officially in development to be included in one of the upcoming Game Stock Car 2013 DLC packages.

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Nürburgring GP for rFactor2 – Preview Video

Nürburgring GP for rFactor 2

Mianiak has released a preview video showing us the Nürburgring GP circuit project for rFactor2. He started the project in the end of 2012 planning to do a quick conversion of the rF1 track. As often, thing dot a little more complicated and decided to use the original rFactor Nürburgring merely as a base blueprint. So now Mianiak is rebuilding the entire track, that will result in a 99% scratch build project.

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