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Assetto Corsa Nurburgring
Kunos Simulazioni released the V0.7 update of Assetto Corsa, and with it the Lotus Lotus T125 Exos. Gamer Muscle could not resist jumping in the car to give us his first impression of the high powered open wheeler while driving on the Nurburgring. Read More

Assetto Corsa Nurburgring
Its Kunos Simulazioni Friday once more. Update V0.7 of the Assetto Corsa early access version is now live. Buckle up to test the Lotus T125 Exos on the German Nurburgring GP circuit.Read More

WSGT2 Megane League Racing
We are very pleased to see that the WSGT2 Megane Trophy mod finds its way into league racing. Ever since the development start of the rFactor 2 beta, public servers did not seem to be populated that often. However, in the league racing community rFactor 2 still proves to be a very popular platform.Read More
Inside Sim Racing Xlerator XL20 review
Inside Sim Racing takes a look at the new and improved XLerator XL-20 wheel stand. This might be a great tool for Sim Racing enthusiasts who do not have the room to install a sim racing rig or computer desk. A common scenario for console racers or video game racing fans who use a wheel occasionally in the living room.Read More
Raceroom Racing Experience Multiplayer
A rather impressive looking multiplayer preview video of RaceRoom Racing Experience has appeared on the web. It shows us a race with a pack of BMW 320 TC touring cars on the Dutch Circuit park Zandvoort. As pointed out by Simbin last week, Multiplayer is coming. It took a while, but it will surely be worth the wait.Read More
iRacing Basic Training
New iRacing members always start their racing career as a rookie. While this can be superb fun, it can also turn out to be a disaster. In this episode iRacing explains some of the do and dont's of a rookie race. The tips and tricks that are covered in this video will surely help you get the most out of your first race.Read More
CXC Motion Pro 2 Racing Simulator
CXC Simulations, who are based in Los Angeles, California are known for building developing Simulators for the high end market. The notorious Motion Pro II Racing Simulator is the pride and joy of the company. This Purpose build simulator for professional and commercial use can also stand its own when used for fun and entertainment. Read More
rFactor 2 Honda Civic
Image Space Incorporated has released Build 494 of their Rfactor 2 Simulator. As usual the update also contains a rather big list of fixes and optimizations bringing rF2 one step closer to gold.  Read More
Assetto Corsa Lotus T125 Exos
Kunos Simulazioni shows us some more teasers of the Lotus T125 Exos open wheeler and the German Nurburgring GP circuit that will probably be released in the upcoming update. Read More
The Rig episode 3 Sim Racing Hardwar
Marshall who you might know as the host of The Cutting Edge Digital TV youtube channel, has uploaded episode 3 of " The Rig" series. In this episode Marshal has an in-depth look at the Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] CSW Dash.Read More
Assetto Corsa Nurburgring GP circuit
The Assetto Corsa development team has been working hard without a doubt.  As usual, the Kunos team started to tease the community with little hints and teasers. Judging by the teasers posted on Facebook, we might find the Lotus T125 open wheeler and Nurburgring GP circuit included in the upcoming Assetto Corsa update.  Read More
2014 Daytona 500
Video highlights of the great American Race . The Daytona 500 edition 2014.  Read More