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MVdesign shot some video footage at the Ferrari Corse Clienti event at Spa-Francorchamps on 17 and 18 July 2012. Enjoy the sights and sounds. Read More
In this episode fhey discuss iRacing's latest track, GRID 2, GT Omega's latest rig and much more including an interview with Red Bull Gridsters Champion Chris Butcher! Read More
Build 101 has been released and the rFactor 2 Beta has again bacame a little better. Alot of graphic issues here that need to be addressed. Tyres have been lowered in pressure to exaggerate the flexing. Still a long way to go with the fidelity but this is a good step forward, The 3rd shot you see the rear tyre move off the rim briefly. Read More
CodeMasters released a new F1 2012 Champions trailer. The title will be released in September of 2012f for PS3, Xbox 360 ,and PC . The title will also be available at at Steam. Read More
F1RFT 2012 is in the making for a while now. We have seen plenty of renders and ingame shots, so now its time to enjoy a little teaser video of the upcoming Formula 1 2012 simulation Read More
Derek Speare IRDDU project, showing a new Demo video. The iRacing Data Display Unit, iRDDU for short, will give the iRacing enthusiast exactly what is lost under many circumstances...and it's FREE! Read More
Digiprost is racing the HPD at Watkins Glen using his triple screen rig, fimed with the very popular GoPro HD cam. Read More
Not new, but nevertheless an amazing slow-motion video of the iRacing Simulator in action. All footage collected and produced by Varicela07. Read More
Pixsim released some more preview shots of his Lola T280 for rFactor 2. This time he included WIP ingame shots. Read More
Mr Rockstar takes his Street Stock for a ride around infineon.. Sideways! But the cops dont like this kind of driving! :) Read More
A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out. Build 272 for all members to enjoy. Read More
rFactor 2
rFactor2 Build 101 Released. Again, torrent initially, no http, no auto update, they'll come soon (days). Grab either the full installer torrent, or the update torrent, in the downloads thread. If you are new to rFactor2, please understand this is an update to the test version, and rFactor2 remains in testing. Read More